Institute of Applied Physics
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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1 Russian patent is achieved:
Mironov, Е.А., Potemkin A.K., А.V. Voitovich, О.V. Palashov, Khazanov E.A. Polarized apodizing diaphragm, Patent #2484509 of 10.06.2013.
6 claims for patents are applied:
Snetkov I.L., Palashov O.V., The compensator of thermally induced depolarization γо inside the absorbing laser element . Positive decision of 12.02.2013, claim #2013105968
Vyatkin A.G., Palashov O.V., Snetkov I.L., Khazanov E.A., The method of the determine the parameter of optical anisotropy ξ of material of cubic monocrystal, belong to the m3m, 43m, 432 class of the symmetry. Positive decision of 11.10.2013, claim# №2012135658
Kuzmin A.A., Shaykin A.A., Pulse-periodic laser base on neodymium glass for pumping the high-power titan-sapphire amplifiers, having the repetition rate not less than 0.02 Hz, claim #2013146420 of 18.10.2013.
Ivanov I.A., Bulkanov A.M., Zheleznov D.S., Palashov O.V. The method of the manufacturing of the optically transparent garnet monocrystal, claim #2013153667 of 03.12.2013.
Mironov, Е.А., А.V. Voitovich, О.V. Palashov, the Faraday isolator for high power lasers, claim #2013155764 of 17.12.2013.
Kuznetsov I.I., Mukhin I.B., Silin D.E., Palashov O.V., The method of the measurement of solids thermal conductivity, claim # 2013155766 of 17.12.2013.