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of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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5 optical components for advanced lasers are developed
  1. Pulse-periodic laser neodimium glass laser
    - Kuzmin A.A., Kulagin O.V., Khazanov E.A., Shaykin A.A., Neodimium glass laser with 220 J pulse energy and 0.02 Hz repetition rate, Quantum Electronics, v. 43. – p. 597-599 (2013).
  2. Cryogenic disk Yb:YAG laser realized by MOPA scheme
    - Perevezentsev Е.A., Mukhin I.B., Vadimova O.L., Palashov O.V., Khazanov E.A., Dewei Luo, Jian Zhang, Dingyuan Tang, Yb:YAG ceramics application for high energy cryogenic disk amplifier development, Phys. Status Solidi A, Vol. 210, P. 1232-1234 (2013)
    - Perevezentsev Е.A., Mukhin I.B., Kuznetsov I.I., Palashov O.V., Khazanov E.A., Cryogenic disk Yb:YAG laser with 120 μJ pulse energy and 500 Hz repetition rate, Quantum Electronics, v. 43. , #3 (2013).
    - Vadimova O.L., Mukhin I.B., Kuznetsov I.I., Palashov O.V., Perevezentsev E.A., Khazanov E.A., Calculation of the gain coefficient in cryogenically cooled Yb : YAG disks at high heat generation rates, Quantum Electron., Vol. 43, P. 201-206 (2013)
  3. Polarized apodizing diaphragm
    - Mironov, Е.А., А.V. Voitovich, О.V. Palashov, Apodizing Diaphragm Based on the Faraday Effect, Optics Communication, Vol. 295, P. 170-175 (2013)
  4. Depolarization compensator
    - Vyatkin A. G., Snetkov I. L., Palashov O. V., Khazanov E. A., Self-compensation of thermally induced depolarization in CaF2 and definite cubic single crystals, Optics Express, Vol. 21, P. 22338-22352 (2013)
  5. Faraday isolators: based on GGG crystals, with 2.5 T magnetic field
    - Kuzmina M.S., Khazanov E. A., The influence of cubic nonlinearity on the compensation of thermally induced polarization distortions in Faraday isolators, Quantum Electronics, v. 43. – P. (2013)
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