Institute of Applied Physics
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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7 Russian patent are achieved:
  1. Kuzmin A. A., Khazanov E. A., Shaykin A. A., Repetitively pulsed laser on Nd glass operating with a pulse repetition rate not less than 0.02 Hz for pumping powerful titanium-sapphire amplifiers, claim# 2013146420, priority date18.10.2013, patent # 2548688
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  7. I.I. Kuznetsov, I.B. Mukhin, O.V. Palashov, "The method for measuring the thermal conductivity
8 claims for patents are applied:
  1. S.S. Balabanov, E.M. Gavrishchuk, V. V. Drobotenko, O. V. Palashov, D.A. Permin, E.E. Rostokina, Method for producing transparent ceramic YAG, claim# 2015101233, priority date 19.01.2015
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