Institute of Applied Physics
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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2 Russian patent are achieved:
1. Snetkov I.L., Palashov O.V., Khazanov E.A., Vyatkin A.G., A method for determining the optical anisotropy parameter ξ cubic single crystal material belonging to the class of symmetry m3m, 43m, 432, the priority date 20.08.2012, patent # 2506566, issue date 02.10.2014.
2. Palashov O.V., Snetkov I.L., Compensator of thermally induced depolarisation in the absorbent laser optical element, the priority date 02.12.2013, patent # 2527257, issue date 07.08.2014.
5 claims for patents are applied:

1. E.M. Gavrishchuk, V.B. Ikonnikov, S.S. Balabanov, The method for producing doped zinc chalcogenides and their solid solutions, claim# 2013158230, the priority date of 26.12.2013.
2. I.I. Kuznetsov, I.B. Mukhin, O.V. Palashov, The  method for determining the thermal conductivity of solids contacts, claim # 2014122742, the priority date of 03/06/2014.
3. E.A. Perevesentsev, I.B. Mukhin, O.V. Palashov, The mathod of connecting parts of the optical element of the garnet crystals, claim #2014134017, the priority date 08.19.2014.
4. S.S. Balalanov, A.V. Voitovich, E.A. Mironov, O.V. Palashov, A.V. Starobor, Faraday isolators for the laser beams with a square cross profile of the intensity distribution, claim #2014139995, the priority date of 02/10/2014.
5. S.S. Balabanov, The method for producing transparent ceramic yttrium aluminum garnet.